Saturday, March 28, 2009

[Photo] - Nick Knight


About Me

I started this blog a little over a week ago with the intentions of hoping to let others know what the life of a studio fashion photographer is like in South Florida. And now, I think it's time to let others know a little more about me.

Julius Gregorio . Fashion Photographer. I started shooting fashion a little over two years ago, but seriously on January of 2008. I picked up my first DSLR shooting nature and landscape a few years back and stumbled across Commercial photographer (Andre Rowe) at a photo lab. Little did I know that meeting with him would change my photography completely. From landscapes and sunrises/sunsets, to models and high fashion. From digital SLR to film and digital medium format. Andre is head photographer and co-owner of TYE Studios of Ft. Lauderdale and I happen to sit right beside him (this very second) as house photographer for the studio as well.

If anyone wants to know what the product of a professional studio can do for a photographer, I am living proof of that. I grew up here at the studio and have been fortunate and blessed to have this studio as my residence. I am a product of TYE but am still a "beginner" in the World of Fashion. I have a lot to accomplish and have a lifetime of goals ahead of me. New York (in 4 days), Paris, London, Netherlands, L.A., and many more cities to reach out too. I hope in years time, I will be represented by some of the biggest photography agencies in the world. Starting with Art Partner, JED Root, Art + Commerce, just to name a few. With determination, passion, prayer, and a little bit of luck, anything is possible. And I thank my studio family at TYE for everything they have given me. I would not be where I am without them and the many talented artists and models who have helped me find a style and vision for my photography. Thank you all for everything.

Friday, March 27, 2009

[PHOTO] - Karolina

Lighting used to create this image:
(1) Broncolor Scoro A4S pack
(2) Broncolor Pulso heads
(1) Broncolor P70 reflector
(1) Broncolor satelllite soft reflector
(2) Profoto 7A-2400 packs
(2) Profoto Pro heads
(2) Profoto 4x6 Softboxes


Thursday, March 26, 2009

[PHOTO] - "Untitled"


[TEST] - Broncolor Scoro A4S

I got to the studio (TYE STUDIOS) today and photographers Andre Rowe, David Kipper, and Donna Peplin were at it again, putting the Broncolor Scoro A4S studio pack to the test. You have to love the LIGHT and fast flash durations this pack can produce. Broncolor and Profoto all in one studio. What else can a photographer ask for? *BIG SMILE*


Behind the Scenes

Just thought I'd post an upcoming preview of whats to come from Karol's shoot. I have a lot to edit, not including the distraction from what's happening here at the studio tonight and this coming weekend. Hope to finish most of my editing by Saturday cause its party time starting Sunday and New York next Thursday evening.

I just want to thank everyone again for their hard work to make this shoot take place.

Ashley Falcon - Wardrobe Stylist
Alvin Matium - Makeup|Hair
Tony Lai - Photographer Assistant
Kristin Ondocsin - MC2 Booker|Videographer
Alex Larramendi - Graphic Designer

And most importantly, TYE STUDIOS, my home and resident studio. None of my images would be possible without everyone's collaborative effort. I only capture the moment, they help make it happen. Thank you again.


[VIDEO] - Karol . MC2

Just a small clip from last Tuesday's photoshoot with MC2 model, Karol. She was amazing and I thank my entire team for all the hard work that made the shoot a success. Also, thank you SKINNY INTERN for putting the video together. Enjoy!!!

Karol . MC2 Models from skinny intern on Vimeo.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New York Modeling Agencies

With the number of modeling agencies in New York, where is a photographer to begin to find the next high fashion editorial models for a photoshoot. I hope to call and get several packages from the different agencies to help me find models for my April trip to New York. I only have a few days left to prepare. Need to put my teams together and see who is available the following weekend. Anyone wanting to work together? Stylist, MUA's, HAIR, etc. Let me know. Photobucket

Photoshoot w/MC2 . Miami

Tomorrow I will be setting up a shoot with MC2 in hopes to shoot in the afternoon. All depending if my booker SKINNYINTERN gets me the model in less than 4 hours time. Haha. Thats what you call last minute. LMAO. What can I say, I like spontaneity.
Nothing big, just need to shoot to keep my game and skills on tack. In the words of my good friend, fellow photographer, and co-owner of TYE STUDIOS, ANDRE ROWE, "Photography is like any sport, you need to practice to better your skills as a photographer. Should you stop shooting, you will "get cold" and might actually move backwards instead of forward. And should it be "game-time" and you are asked to make the winning basket on the foul line in front of hundreds of people, will you be ready or will you freeze up? Practice practice practice. Shoot and "test" as often as possible, because when a client hires you for a job and it is most likely some new project you've never encountered before, you will already have the confidence and the skills to perform in front of that client.
photographers: Now when was the last time you picked up your camera? models: Or shot with a photographer? Perhaps something we all need to think of.Photobucket

Sunday, March 22, 2009

[PHOTO] - Test with Broncolor

Just testing the new Broncolor Scoro A4S here at the studio along with the Pulso heads and Donna's Canon 5D Mark II. I needed to shoot since no one wants to shoot with me, so I got a purse as my model. How lucky. =) (p.s. those are real flowers on that purse. I had the 300 watt modeling lights on and it was killing the flowers. Haha. Stupid me. lol)
And thanks Tony for the help. That was a lot of lighting for just one product.Photobucket

Saturday, March 21, 2009

12 Days till New York

PhotobucketHeaded back to New York this coming April 2. In many ways I can't wait, but I need to get my butt moving and plan my trip wisely. I need to look at a few photography agencies in hopes one day to be signed by one of my favorites. ART + COMMERCE and ART PARTNER. Also, need to plan for my shoot(s). Need to hustle. Times-uh-ticking!!!

Solve Sundsbo - I-D Magazine

Just admiring more work from one of my favorite fashion photographers.Photobucket

[QUOTE] - My Love For Film

"If you shoot digital you can see what you get straight away, but it's actually quite nice not knowing because when you don't know what you get, you keep searching a bit harder and you try things. When you shoot digital, as soon as you achieve what it is you wanted, you stop and move on. With film you might get something amazing without knowing it, keep on shooting till you think you have it, and when you go back and edit you think, "Wow I didn't know I had that." Getting those spontaneous moments is one advantage of shooting film that I never expected; where the eyes just go the right way and the arms are doing the right thing, everything feels like it is what you wanted it to be. It has a grace or it has an aggression, but it has something that is THE moment. Photography is still about capturing moments. - Solve Sundsbo, Photographer

Thursday, March 19, 2009

TYE Studios - Flirt Catalog

Today was the first of three full days of shooting at my studio. FLIRT CATALOG is the client and I happened to sneak after hours at Studio A and take some pics of the inventory. No touching.

[VIDEO] Steven Meisel . Vogue Italia

Meisel is my favorite editorial fashion photographer. Thought I'd share one of his spreads that inspires me when I need a little motivation. Enjoy!

[VIDEO] Genevieve . MC2 - Miami

A little behind the scenes video from my last photoshoot. Special thanks to SKINNY INTERN.
Genevieve . MC2 Models from skinny intern on Vimeo.

[VIDEO] Nick Knight and Lily

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First Time

Thought I would start my first blog entry by posting some images of my latest work.  More coming soon.