Monday, August 31, 2009

[VIDEO] Jennifer @ MC2

Had a busy weekend and just trying to catch up on some rest from all the studio shoots/workshops that happened over the past week. I am almost done editing my photos and ready for another shoot. But in the meantime, I have to learn more on video editing and get a grasp on the programs and my little itty bitty video camera. =) So heres another model video that I did last week for MC2 . Miami. Jen, you go girl!!! =D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back Home

Just got back from a short weekend with family in Ohio. My cousin recently got married and allowed me to take a trip to good ol' YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO. It's been awhile since my first visit their. If I recall, it was almost 12 years since my first visit there.
This time around, I decided to not bring my camera. Can you believe it, a photographer without a camera? haha. Instead, I brought my video camera. Luckily I can still take still images with the camera.
The trip was great. Cool afternoons, 76 degrees, and 55 degree evenings, made the trip worthwhile. From farmland to Pittsburgh downtown, the view was different than the standard Florida scene. I took mostly video so nothing right now to post other than this picture of Pittsburgh downtown. It was a magnificent view. Wish it didn't rain that day. =\

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've been slacking on updating my website, so I'll post some of my new work here in the meantime. These images are from a shoot I did 3 weeks back. Roza @ MC2 was in town for a few weeks and is now back home to her country. She was amazing in front of the camera and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She will be missed. Hopefully she comes back for season so I can work on my upcoming film projects with her. And as for any photographer/client looking for a model, book her if she's in town, she will not disappoint.
model . Roza Abdurazakova
makeup | hair . Alvin Matium
studio . TYE Studios


[PHOTO] New Editorial

I am happy to announce an new editorial that I had the pleasure to collaborate in. The day was a wash out due to the heavy rains, but with a talented team on your side, the shoot turned out just as amazing indoors while on location.
I hope to release more images in the coming future.
model . Kristin Ondocsin
makeup | hair . Alvin Matium
wardrobe stylist . Stefanie Del Papa
skinny,intern,alvin,matium,julius gregorio,florida photography,fashion

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time to Revamp

It has been over two months since my last blog entry. My early summer was a slow start, but things are looking good now. In the latter end of July and early August, I had 3 lookbooks from clients coming from New York, St. Louis, and here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am happy to say that things are looking brighter.
And for those who noticed, I recently picked up on video and video editing the past month. With the addition to my video, SKINNY INTERN, has contributed her time in editing and assisting me in most of my shoots. She's become my sidekick in all i've done in the past few months, along with good friends Alejandro Larramendi, MUA's Alvin Matium, and Mara Fernandez. I thank everyone for their help and look forward to bigger and better.
I will be posting more images and videos of recent photoshoots and other lookbooks when I catch up on my photo editing. Til then, I promise to keep you posted.
I'm back from my hiatus on blogging and now is the time to "revamp" my look, my portfolio, my website (especially), and my photography. Stay tuned.

[CLIENT] Six Twenty Seven

Just a little behind the scenes from the lookbook of the SIX TWENTY SEVEN clothing line. The client flew in from New York and shot at TYE Studios for some product photography and then off to Fort Lauderdale Beach for their "fall/winter" lookbook. The images and theme for the book was a "cold" beach similar to L.A. winters. Moody, cloudy, and secluded.
Photographer . Julius Gregorio
Client . Six Twenty Seven
Hair and Makeup . Michael Serapiglia
Studio . TYE Studios