Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back Home

Just got back from a short weekend with family in Ohio. My cousin recently got married and allowed me to take a trip to good ol' YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO. It's been awhile since my first visit their. If I recall, it was almost 12 years since my first visit there.
This time around, I decided to not bring my camera. Can you believe it, a photographer without a camera? haha. Instead, I brought my video camera. Luckily I can still take still images with the camera.
The trip was great. Cool afternoons, 76 degrees, and 55 degree evenings, made the trip worthwhile. From farmland to Pittsburgh downtown, the view was different than the standard Florida scene. I took mostly video so nothing right now to post other than this picture of Pittsburgh downtown. It was a magnificent view. Wish it didn't rain that day. =\